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OS 144 thousand were sealed

OS 144 thousand were sealed

I saw an angel coming up from the east, having the seal of the living Helohim; He cried ... ... do not damage nor the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our Helohim "Yahweh" in the forehead! Hear how many had been sealed = 144 thousand of all the tribes of Yashorul (Israel).
Of the tribe of Judah, 12,000 were sealed.
Ruven the tribe, 12,000.

the tribe of Gad, 12,000.
the Asher tribe 12mil.
the tribe of Naphtali, 12,000.
M'nasheh the tribe, 12,000.
the tribe of Shimon, 12,000.
the Levi tribe, 12,000.
Yissakhar the tribe, 12,000.
Z'vulun the tribe, 12,000.
of Joseph's tribe, 12,000.
the tribe of Benjamin, 12,000.
Hyzayon = 7.1 to 8 Revelation.
It is important to note that the angel in charge said clear ... until we act sealed the servants (all-Jews and Gentiles who believe in mashyah) of our Adonai Yahweh = = Yarrueh.
Remember that the people of Yashorul (Israel) described here, is the people of the promise, of the seed of Abraham (Abraham) the spiritual Yashorul, not the nation Israel; For following logo appears ... a great multitude ... from every nation, tribe and tongue ... people wearing white robes ... vrs 9. The large crowd is not a separate people of the 12 tribes, and yes, the arithmetical result of 12 tribes times 12,000 sealed; 12X12000 = 144000; which appears in Chapter 14 sealed with the name "Yahweh Yahshuah = = = Salvation the name of the Father and of the Son ... Since the promises were made to Abraham and his descendants that is the Messiah:. Galatians 3:16 . Therefore, the 12 tribes are sealed spiritual Yashorul, starting with Judah (Judah) as the firstborn instead of R'uvem;. and that in the genealogy of Judah Yahshuah appears as the first-born and not Rubem confirming be the spiritual Yashorul Shaul (Paul) wrote ... the Yahudi (Jewish) of truth ... is ... just not outwardly Jewish ... but ... who is one inwardly ... in the spirit ... in other words, the physical descendants are not "B'nai Yahweh = children of Yahweh; but the promessa..são of children counted as descendants of Abraham; Romans 9: 6-9. And therefore sealed with the seal of the promise through ... the knowledge and obedience to Yahweh ... and faith = testimony ... in Yahshuah HaMashiach .; Hyzayon = Revelation 12.17; and 14.12. Because ... his commandment is "Chai olam = eternal life; Yachonam 12.50.
This ... there is neither Jew nor Gentile ... the Messiah of both peoples ... Jews ... ... did Gentiles a people just ... creating in himself of twain one new man ... .. .israelita spirit = the promise ... for you are all one in the Messiah, and if ye be Yahshuah, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise; Romans 10.11 to 18.
Therefore, both the sealed Chapter 7 as the 14 Hyzayon = Revelation, belong to the same people, are not separate groups. The 144,000 were seen with the Lamb on Mount Zion = Tzyon. Zion means abode of Helohim, lot's kingdom symbol; hence Mount Zion be the kingdom of the Messiah, the stone Danyah Chapter 2 already referred. It is concluded that Mount Zion is the Kehilah the Messiah, the lot = kingdom, which filled the whole earth, forming the great multitude from every nation, tribe and tongue and people, seen in chapter 14. What form the New Yahshalaym = City Santa.
Let's see; The measure of the Holy City is 12 thousand furlongs times 12 thousand stadia; 12000X12000 = 144000. What is a symbolism of the 12 tribes of Yashorul times the 12 Apostles of the Lamb, plus the number 1000 (idea of crowd) add 12X12 = 144000. Interesting, no?
The number of measure of the Holy City of the wall is 144 cubits, adding to them (thousand idea of crowd) gives the same
number of 144,000.
  The 144,000 stood before the throne ... Of all mankind they were the ones that had been bought by Yahshauh ... Rev-14.3.
The 144,000 ... ... are the servants of our Helohim sealed on the forehead; Revelation Hyzayon = 7.3; D'varim (Deut-) 6,7,8. Ezekiel 9.3 to 5 ... and has written in his forehead, the name of the Lamb and his Father "Yahshuah = + Salvation Yahweh. Speak of all the saints, as everyone who calls on the name" Yahshuah "will be saved ; Invoking the name "Yahshuah" means to know and memorize it, have it always focused on our mind.
The ... 144,000 were redeemed from the earth; the sacred writings say ... Yahshuah redeemed as his own blood ... shopping for Helohim his father, out of every tribe and language and people and nation. Acts 20:28. Revelation Hyzayon = 5,9,10.
The 144,000 ... are the ones who have not defiled with women for they are virgins; Vrs4. Does not speak of sexual contamination; since the marriage between man and woman is a divine institution, and blessed by the Creator ... unite man to his wife and the two shall become one flesh ... The Apostle Shaul confirms ... venerated among you ... the saints ... is the marriage, and the bed undefiled ... sex ...; Mattytiahu (Matthew) 19,5,6. and Hebrews, 13.4.
Speaks here of the saints who were not defiled with the doctrines of Babylon Whores mother daughters; and left ... victory over the beast, (mother Babylon) and his image, (the mother of daughters) and over his mark, and the number of its name; Revelation Hyzayon = 15.2;
Here, the saints, the holy city, and 144,000, representing one people; the Yashorul (Israel) of the promise that conpôem New Yahshalaym.
The 144,000 are also ... those who follow the Lamb wherever he goes; vrs 4. The Messiah said ... if any man serve me follow me; and where I am, my servant also will be ... and yet ... Father who gave me all the saints ... ... I want you where I am, they also may be with me to see my glory; Yachonam 12.26; and 17.24.
The 144,000 redeemed from the earth,,, are the first fruits of Yahshorul (spiritual Israel) ... Yarmiahu, (Jeremiah) 2.3; Y'a kov (James) 1.18. Hzayon = 14.4 and Revelation.
  The 144,000 are those ... in their mouth was found no guile (lie), are irrepriensiveis; vrs 5. Yahweh says,,, any misleading or ... liar ... dwell in my house = Yahshlaym Celeste; And will only be members of the Holy City, who are ... irrepriensiveis to the parousia of the Messiah; Tehillim 101,7,8; 1 Thess,, 5.23; 1 Corinthians, 1.18 .. and refs. remember that The Holy City, was seen descending like a bride adorned for her husband; vrs 2. In this conclusive point, the Holy City = Kehilah the Messiah was already the wife of the Lamb; Fulfill what Yahweh says about it by the mouth of his prophet ... No one will be called henceforth helpless ... but you shall be called ... married; because Yahweh delights in you ... and you will be married ... as a young man marries a virgin ... and rejoice with the bride ... so your Helohim rejoice over you; Yahshayahu (Isaiah) 62: 3-5;
The signal that the servants of the Lamb and his father, receive in Chapter 7 Hyzayon = Revelation; means to receive and store the word of the Eternal as it is written ... these words = 10 commandments, which I command thee ..., will be a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes ... brand with. ..this sign ... the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that are done in it (Babylon and daughters); D'varim (Deut-) from 6.6 to 8. Sh'mot (Exodus) 13,9-16.e Ezequyahu (Ezekiel) from 9.2 to 5;
And in chapter 14 says ... were with the Lamb 144,000 who had written on their foreheads ... the name of the Lamb and his father. In chapter 7 the people were being sealed with the seal of the Eternal, through his Holy Word; In chapter 14, the people were already sealed with the name of the Lamb and his Father. As the Lamb's name is Yahshuah, and means "Yahweh + Salvation. All Yahshorul (israel) of promise, the children of Abraham by faith in . Moshiach who believe in the name of "Yahshuah" begotten of Yahweh;. receives on their foreheads (minds) this seal Compounding the Holy City Yahshalaym = the 144,000 sealed.
Jatai-go year 1989.

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