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"Thus the heavens and the shamaym = eretz = earth were finished, and all that in them is the seventh day Yahweh finished the work that he did;. So it ... RESTED ... the seventh day from all his work which held Yahweh blessed the seventh day and set it apart as holy,. because that day Yahweh rested from all the work he created, so that she could produce by itself ... an important point for those who believe in creation, not evolution ! The Eternal Creator YHVH made three outstanding acts of the beginning of this creation, and the seventh day He rested ... ... blessed ... and set it apart as holy the Sabbath ... So the seventh day is rather a remarkable monument the creation of the heavens and shamaym = eretz = earth and all that is in them. Now if someone can not understand it, because it is blind and can not see the distance and having forgotten the cleansing of his old sins ... 2nd kefah Pedro = 1.9 ..

Beresheeth - בראשית - Genesis 1; 14 And ULHÍM: I said, Let there be lights in the firmament of
shamayim to separate the day from the night; and they are by
signals, and moadim, and day and year;
Shemoth - Exodus 20: 9 Six days shalt thou labor, and do all thy work:
10 But the seventh day is the Sabbath of יהוה your ULHÍM:
in it you shall not do any work, thou, nor thy son,
nor thy daughter, nor thy eved, nor thy eved, nor your
cattle, nor your ger that is within thy gates:
11 For in six days יהוה made the shamayim and earth,
sea, and all that is therein, and rested the seventh day;
Therefore יהוה blessed the Sabbath day, and hallowed it.

Remember, the key to finding the true Sabbath is to use the correct timing of Scripture. The Creator of the Sabbath True will never be found in a false or pagan calendar. So wrong calendar = wrong Saturday. It's that simple!

In a similar sense, imagine finding a treasure map that takes you around the world on an adventure on the high seas only to find, after years of searching and lost everything that was dear to him, the treasure map entrusted by you was a fake. As you well know, the map is the key to finding the treasure, and in this case, the calendar is the map to the treasure of the truth of our Creator, the Sabbath. A calendar is true, while the other is false. It can be checked Biblically, historically and astronomically. The other is a calendar made by man in absolute challenge against Yahweh clearly not in line with the timetable in the deed of creation !!

Gregorian Calendar

It is possible that the Luni-Solar calendar of the Creator and the Sabbath (Saturday) the seventh day _ will be understood and embraced as "the truth that was lost long ago" by the remains of Yahweh, in the end times? Perhaps in the given time, these faithful witnesses will sound the alarm, as the world prepares to embrace the "Calendar of the New World." It is possible that the Luni-Solar Calendar Creator along with the Sabbath-moon of the seventh day, could be the final test for the people of Yahshuah? Surely this is in harmony with the fe' in mashyah of Yahweh in their remaining!

Gregorian Calendar
There was never a command given by Yahweh to keep another kadosh day different from the Seventh-day Sabbath of our Creator. Similarly, there was never a command so that mankind would use a new method to keep the weather out of what he had established in creation. Therefore, the final test for the remainder of YAHVEH appears to be much greater than simply choose between Saturday and Sunday. Ultimately, those who worship on Saturday or on Sunday of the Gregorian calendar of the beast 666 ... will discover only too late, that they are, in fact, on the same side.

The final battle, the Battle of mo'ed (Armageddon), seems to be a battle of calendars, the Creator or man inspired by hashatan. The chosen the eternal creator since afundação the world, will be on the side of its truth, as has always been his people, in all ages on earth "

Ivonil d Ferreira and Carvalho
Dinah Soares!

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  1. Existe aí uma imagem que todos a adoram. Adoram a imagem adoram o nome da imagem e todos fazem um sinal pra essa imagem.A imagem é do cristo, o sinal é a cruz e o nome é Jesus. Será que tem alguma relação?

  2. Tudo que vc mencionou é cria da besta...e por isso são coisas que fazem parte do sinal e numero da esta!